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Further detail on the proposed development at 902 Foul Bay Rd.




       Submission to City Council for the Public Hearing   (click to view)



Townhouse development raises issues around trees, density, affordability

   (article from Focus on Victoria)


As an intense wave of high-density development sweeps through Victoria, Heritage Advisory Panel Chair, (Pam) Madoff is troubled by what she sees as a common attitude about new projects, the mistaken view that there is no such thing as bad development. Says Madoff: “I really care about what’s happening to this city.”




Arize coparison.jpeg

On the left is the beautiful heritage site at 902 Foul Bay now. On the right is what it will look like after the development.

Aryze Tree plan with July 14 changes jpg

Colour-coded the tree circles indicate which trees are being removed and which are being kept.


Trees marked at “NT” are neighbour or municipal trees.   July 2020 changes to developer's plan (marked by yellow circles)  indicate retention of two Horse Chestnut trees on the west (Redfern) and one Holly tree near east boundary.  Holly, is considered an invasive species in the Garry Oak ecosystem.  All newly indicated trees for retention are Municipal Trees,( i.e. not on the property.) Aryze did not modify the scale or layout of their construction to retain any additional trees within their property boundaries.

Showing height comparison to craftsman h
902 photo comparison 1928 to present.jpe
Non existing tree on Ayze submisson.jpeg
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