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We are families and neighbours

We love this place. We love its big trees, its safe streets and the sense of community. Our kids and elders thrive here. We welcome newcomers to this neighbourhood, we support and we welcome development that respects our community’s values. Some of us are young, some of us are old. Some of us have lived here all our lives and some of us are new arrivals. We are united in our love of our community and our desire to keep it vibrant and liveable.

What's at stake

The beautiful heritage property at the corner of Redfern, Quamichan and Foul Bay has been staked by a corporate developer who wants to remove most of the big trees for two large blocs with 18 3-story units that will tower over adjacent homes.  The property is a beautiful Garry oak meadow upon which a heritage home was lost to fire while owned by a previous developer. Unfortunately the assault on our neighbourhood didn’t end with that fire. Aryze (the new developer) proposes to remove 20 Protected Trees, including two large heritage Copper Beeches and 60% of the Garry Oaks. We support the idea of development on this lot, which could be achieved while preserving most of the big trees, and in consultation with the neighbourhood.  Instead, the developer is suing select neighbours, and threatening them against expressing any opposition. 

Aryze at work clearing trees for another condo project in Fairfield

Aryze at work clearing trees for another condo project in Fairfield

A message of support from a neighbour:


Kudos to Alan and the rest of the neighbourhood standing up against the bullying techniques of the developer, Arzye. No - we will not be pushed around ....... We like the character of our neighbourhood, we like the trees, and we enjoy the calm streets for our kids - it is why we live here. We do not need to see what was once a heritage property turned into row housing. Are you equally concerned?


Not only do I think the plan is a bad one at the outset for its choice of a former heritage site and the density it proposes to bring to a quiet area, but I am frustrated to see the way in which Aryze has sought to bully the community into submission by threatening to seek costs against anybody seeking to oppose their plan. Effectively, this removed the space for any type of constructive dialogue at the outset ..........


For that reason, my wife and I have sent Alan a donation to aid in his legal attempt to stand up to the company, and I encourage you to do the same - no amount is too small! We do not have the deep pockets of Aryze, but together, there is strength in numbers. Alan should not have to fight this alone. Literally, for a quick buck, this plan is about paving paradise to put up a ...condo building. Take action & help Alan if you are opposed to this!        C.M.


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